Monday 11 January 2016

A celebrity of dissipation

David Bowie

Pop superstar, and prophet of bisexuality, who offered a generation up to the dark god of decadence, has died.

David Bowie
Pop priest of decadence.
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We cannot be judgmental on the state of David Bowie's soul at the point of his death; we simply do not know. But there can be no doubt that he helped lead a generation into accepting homosexuality. Putting his arms around guitarist Mick Ronson during Top of the Pops in the early 70s, dressed in a shiny clingy costume with his group The Spiders from Mars, their look was deliberately ambiguous, gender bending, androgynous; their aim was to be attractive to both sexes.  When questioned about his sexuality he said he was "Gay" but later he said that he lied, that he was actually tri-sexual, a pop star quip.

He was a superstar like no other, a prophet of societal change and a priest who offered sexuality on the altar of fame, his was a heady cocktail of glamour, catchy songs, art-rock and risqué decadence. All broadcast into people's homes on the new colour TVs of the early 70s. The age of Gary Glitter and Jimmy Savile and other sexual deviants.

What did David Bowie the priest sacrifice on his way to fame and international stardom? - clearly it was many young people's sexuality. How many people died of Aids/HIV because of the explosion of homosexual activity during the 70s and 80s?

The Main Stream Media is of course going well over the top in their praise of Bowie, but they will not mention how many people died of Aids and drugs because of the influence of gender bending pop stars. Bowie also flirted with Nazi images, kitsch shiny boots etc.; however, I expect it will be traditional Christians, who try and point out that much damage was done to society by Bowie and other pop stars like him, but its us who will be labelled fascists.
David Bowie RIP. Please pray for his soul and for the souls of those who are/were influenced by him


  1. There's an interesting discussion of Bowie's sympathy with fascism in Joseph Pearce's autobiographical 'Race with the Devil'. This was displayed over several years in the early and mid 1970s, in interviews and song lyrics.

  2. Yes its strange how many sexual deviants flirt with Nazi/Fascist imagery, perhaps it's all part of their search for every more intense pleasure, but once they have abandoned what's natural and God given they will never be satisfied. It's a race with the Devil indeed.