Thursday, 4 July 2013


The Götterdämmerung of our society
Stupidity the companion of evil so deftly promoted by the media will ultimately lead to the destruction of Western Society

Many times have I wrestled with the thought that evil is accompanied or a close companion of stupidity. If one for instance take the tactics and policies of the so-called liberal elite that have controlled the affairs of this country for half a century they show a marked stupidity. They have endeavoured by every foul means to undermine those things that keep society together and make for people to have more harmonious lives.

Brünnhilde throws herself on the flames
by Athur Rackhm – Wikipedia.

Göttedämmerung (The Twilight of the Gods)
 by Richard Wagner observes that if the gods
 do not live by their own standards they
will die
 Firstly the traditional marriage and family has been under continued attack ranging from ridiculously lax divorce laws to using the media to show that people could dispense with marriage and live together. The final blow has come to marriage with the promotion of same sex marriage. Then creating education factories teaching “progressive” subjects that corrupt all moral values that parents tried to implant in their children. The media via the Tabloids, TV and film continued to show that moral values whether sexual or otherwise were totally obsolete in a modern society. The progressives fought hard against any censorship in terms of allowing every sexual perversion and violent actions to be shown on film or TV. They have also been proud of their successful attack on religion namely the Christian one. Their first action were to gradually remove Christian teaching from schools and the broadcasting media. Then they made it a target for continued ridicule. Finally they now portray all serious Christians either as people with mental health issues or paedophiles or both. A few liberal clergy are allowed voice as long as they tow the party line that means they support all types of sexual behaviour and no longer need to adhere to biblical teaching. Then we have had the latest weapon in the hands of the liberal elite, political correctness and equality. These two elements now established in the law of the land have been made to exclusively silence any opposition to the policies of this liberal elite. Anyone even criticising their concepts becomes automatically an enemy of the people. Stalin would have been proud of their silencing job.

However going back to the beginning of this article we come back to stupidity. Don’t this ruling elite realise their policy will lead to two possible conclusions. One that society turns into chaos and total anarchy prevails, or some extremists possible non Christian religious fundamentalist takes over. In any event the so-called liberal elite will lose control and in turn be destroyed. There will be no time for equality in a barbarous society. Nor will either eventuality tolerate their progressive ideas . Medieval standards of behaviour will prevail without the compensation of the then Christian church that through it’s compassion ameliorated some of the nastiness of those times in monasteries who provided hospitals and care for the dispossessed. [Yes many believe it was the Church led by the monasteries that civilised society and led to the great cultural and scientific advancements of Western Society... Ed.]

I wonder whether our rulers have such a degree of self-hatred that subconsciously they want to be destroyed and take every one else with them. Or perhaps like Hitler in his bunker when they realise their dreams of a utopia have failed they will blame the masses and in turn will be happy at the destruction of society even if it means their own destruction.

It won’t be long before we see the Gotterdammerung of our society burning on the pyre of progressive believes. Will we hear the cries of anguish from our rulers or instead perhaps more appropriate an ecstatic almost sexual expression on their faces as they are engulfed in the death throes of Western civilisation of which they have contributed so much to. Satan will have the last laugh with the lost souls those leaders of modern Britain.



  1. Excellent article, your analogy of our ruler’s self-hatred is an interesting one particularly their wish for their own destruction and everyone else's just because they have failed.

  2. I hope other people than I are reading your articles. I feel utterly alianated when I read what you write. I agree with much of what you say. I hate our liberal elite, who claim to give us what we want! I long for strong leadership to take us away from a secular, liberal, godless world. But, among my friends, I find no one who either reads your articles or thinks as you do.
    I am so glad that you are attacking the media and, if there were a politician I could bear, I would vote for him, but I am beginning to think that I cannot not vote for anyone.

  3. "I long for strong leadership to take us away from a secular, liberal, godless world. But, among my friends, I find no one who either reads your articles or thinks as you do."

    We believe the reason for this is that they have been brainwashed by the media particularly the TV, they can no longer see beyond the secular, liberal, godless world. Even many priests and bishops are subject to the same secular, liberal, godless media brainwashing – your comment has inspired me to post an older article from our Winter 2010/11 Newsletter “The TV, the Powerful Media Pyramid and the Church”