Friday, 28 June 2013

The decline in TV licence fee payers

More than 400,000 households have turned their backs on the BBC

More and more people have decided they have had enough of the BBC and are no longer paying the licence fee. And what is more they are not breaking the law. They have simply disconnected themselves from receiving broadcast TV either by a traditional TV set or on-line. They just play DVDs or watch via catch-up devices or on You-Tube. The law states that if you do not use a computer to watch TV programmes as they are being live-streamed (transmitted) you do not need a licence.

Reasons for decline in licence fee payers
There are many reasons why people no longer wish to receive live TV and particularly programmes broadcast by the BBC. Perhaps the main reason why so many devout Catholic families do not have a TV is its championing of abortion and homosexuality. The BBC has continued its anti-Catholic bias; they will only report on Catholics if they can dish the dirt. Whilst ignoring problems in other sectors of society and especially their own. It is perhaps the BBC’s problems and scandals that have caused many to stop funding this ‘tsunami of filth’ as the Chairman of the BBC trust, Lord Patten, put it late last year.

BBC treats the licence fee as a free cash machine
Earlier this month the Daily Telegraph reported Lord Patten as saying that the BBC has treated the licence-fee payers’ money like a free cash machine, with 200 managers at the corporation having £100,000 pay-offs (the National Audit Office is so shocked by the scale of the pay-offs it is investigating). Other former high flyer pay-offs at the disgraced Corporation include George Entwistle, the former director-general, with £450,000 and the disgruntled former chief operating officer Caroline Thompson who was given £670,000. So disgruntled was Ms Thompson that after failing to get the director-general job she blew the lid on the sexual gymnastics going on at the Beeb as reported by the Telegraph – funny how the Guardian fails to pick up these stories? Dare we suggest vested interests? Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at the degenerate out-put by the BBC given those responsible for the input?

Give BBC licence fee payers a PIN number.
Why not do away with the BBC altogether? Let’s not beat about the bush: we do not want to fund this cesspool of bigotry and bias. Or perhaps those who still think the BBC is a pillar of society and wish to support it should pay for it alone. So let’s demand that these BBC supporters be given a PIN number when they pay the licence fee, like those who watch porn channels.


  1. Who wants toxic spiritual pollution coming into one's living room. That is what the BBC is. The BBC is made up of people desperate to destroy all Christian values in this country. Who wants to hear those rasping sneering voices and those fat flaccid faces with mouths that exhibit every sign of degeneracy and unpleasantness. There is also the other face wizen by evilness with eyes that make every part of one feel uneasy. It is all Hieronomous Bosch re-visited at the BBC.


  2. Rigby – a good analogy of the BBC, an updated Hieronymus Bosch painting of hell. We should be so glad that as we do not watch TV and especially the BBC with their presenters faces wizened by evilness – except when we visit unenlightened friends houses