Wednesday, 10 July 2013

14th Prayer Crusade against abortion in Ireland

Irish Government voting on Abortion

14th Prayer Crusade that they will vote against this evil

The Irish coat of arms - a symbol
life and peace has been subverted
by the BBC and RTE
Please see below a plea from the co-founder of CUT. It is likely that the Irish government will vote in favour of abortion, don’t be fooled by the technicalities of the argument, there is only one thing those in favour of this bill want which is total and full abortion like we have in the UK. We are calling Prayer Crusade No 14 for the unborn of Ireland and that the pro-abortionists will be defeated , please remember the Dail during your prayers. Ireland has held out so long against the evil of abortion which has been relentlessly promoted by the media especially the broadcast pollution which has spilled out from the BBC into Ireland. RTE, many of its employees have been educated at the protestant/secular (same thing) Trinity College Dublin have been tacit in their promotion of abortion please pray for these people as well. Here is what our Irish Prayer Crusader co-founder has to say:

Greetings, This evening the Irish govt is voting on the abortion bill. It seems set to go through barring a miracle. I believe in miracles. could you please keep this urgent situation in your prayers. Could you ask others to do the same. You may be able to follow proceedings on oireachtas TV. many of us did a vigil outside the Dail last night 350 approx. there were TV cameras there. Aljazeera were doing interviews you might see it on their station. Doing a protest tonight as the voting go on.

God bless

Prayer Crusader, St Rita


  1. Hi So do I. The people going to Dublin protesting are great. I had mentioned many a time that a lot of people cant go to Dublin so they should organize a group from every county in Ireland to march to their town hall and pray in that way the government will see that all of Ireland is in solidarity with those in Dublin its too late now. but it should be done for something also in England.

    Prayer Crusader, St.Elisha (Cork) God Bless.

  2. There has been another victory for those who celebrate the "Culture of Death" Among those celebrating will be the Abortion providers and the large pharmaceutical companies and today probably in many a boardroom the Champagne corks will be popping. Western Europe will die as the population becomes peopled by the elderly and the birthrate falls. We are killing our future and slowly we will start to live in a society shed of joy , the joy of life and new birth. Satan always eventually achieves misery among the humanity he hates.