Thursday 6 June 2013

The Evolution of Morality

The Evolution of Morality versus the Gospel

Anglican bishop of Salisbury
Rt Rev Nicholas Holtam
photo copyright The Telegraph
It is difficult these days to speak out for the truth on homosexual acts; the media and the extremely active homosexual lobby have conditioned the majority of people into accepting what is ultimately a very dangerous life-style. Even to the point that to challenge the homosexual life-style is deemed to be very wrong, hurtful and homophobic. But we must never lose sight of the fact that homosexual acts are against natural law and are expressly forbidden by the Church and the Bible; and as we pointed out in last week’s blog very dangerous to those who indulge in these acts.

It is strange therefore that many Protestant sects and even those who are considered part of the mainstream Established Churches are now making provisions for practising homosexuals. It is so difficult to put this Genie back in the bottle, with the Church of Scotland allowing Gay ministers and also many in the Church of England wanting Gay marriages to take place in Churches. The recent statements from the Anglican bishop of Salisbury compared the opponents of  Gay Marriage to slave owners; how he worked that one out is a bit peculiar to say the least. Here is a quote from the Telegraph with a link to his letter:

“This week the Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury, wrote a letter that was published in this newspaper [The Telegraph] why  gay marriage is a good and Christian thing. His argument is that theology evolves along with society, that “sometimes Christians have … to rethink the priorities of the Gospel in the light of experience.” As proof of the evolution of morality he cites the example of slavery: “before Wilberforce, Christians saw slavery as Biblical and part of the God-given ordering of creation”. As pointed out by Tim Stanley in his Telegraph blog of June 6th, this is an error of historical understanding, - slavery was condemned by at least four Popes, long before Wilberforce’s day.

It seems very odd indeed that many Protestant sects which proclaim their authority comes directly from the Bible seem to be ignoring many of its teachings. Perhaps one day they will cease to have their beliefs based on anything scriptural at all, and may become different religions entirely. The reasons why this is happening is, of course, (firstly) the media and especially secular TV with its constant depiction of the human state as nothing more than multi-sexual orientated; and (secondly) that these sects have cut themselves off from the one true Church. Even here we are not completely immune from the ravages of the pro-Gay secular media; - the so called Soho Masses are an example of this. We therefore urge all Catholics, especially the hierarchy, to keep their eyes on the Gospel and not on the TV.

Is there something in the water at the BBC?
There are now more that 152 allegations of child abuse made against 81 BBC employees at the BBC. Half of these still work there. And the BBC has ordered their employees not to talk to the media. Does this smack of a cover-up on a monumental scale? This is the organisation that brings in members of Stonewall as moral pundits for their radio phone-ins.  Some of Stonewall’s members are campaigning to have the age of consent lowered especially for homosexual acts. This is the organisation that has a partnership with the IPPF. This is the organisation that gets its money for free!


  1. The destruction of Christian civilzation in the West continues apace with the devil using his army of Homos to delude us into madness. This is the end result of all rebellion against God. In the West it started with the Reformation and its ridiculous private interpretation of scripture resulting in thousands of Protestant sects and thousands more who now have no religion at all. Thank you Fr Luther and Tyndal and Knox and nasty Henry the 8th. But the Catholic Church is still guilty with its Homo priests and Bishops. The Church of God has been infiltrated by 'the smoke of satan' We Catholics and our symapisers must pray for a renewal of true Christianity in our land and in the world. lets hope Pope francis is up to the job.

  2. The homosexual lobby in the UK has enormous power both politically and through the media. It also has the very well funded Stonewall organisation to promote the homosexual lifestyle. However it is power without any form of moral responsibility to the community at large. They will sacrifice anything even the well being of our society and family life to promote for instance same sex marriage. When if they do they ultimately arrive at their goals they maybe a mixed blessing for them. When society goes into chaos and becomes more brutalised with the breakdown of family life , the first targets for persecution in a more primitive society will be homosexuals. Of course most of the people involved with the promotion of same sex marriage are too obsessed to see this.

  3. Will the BBC do a documentary on sex abuse within the BBC ? Will Richard Dawkins condemn the BBC ?

  4. Very unlikely the BBC will do a documentary on the sheer number of scandals at the BBC they are too busy covering up, promoting same-sex marriage and the general Protestant/secular agenda.