Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Father of the Bride

The Father of the Bride’s Speech
Nowadays marriage seems to be out of fashion . Everyone talks about “partners”, which I personally find a ghastly word to describe a loving relationship. So often I hear in strident terms someone describing his or her loved one as my partner, it makes me cringe.

But we must understand why marriage is no longer a la mode. It is because we have now entered an infantile age. Society has regressed to a level of pre adolescence almost to the dummy stage of childhood. Adult autonomy, responsibilities and a sense of duty to others have been discarded by the masses. The state has become the real parent aided and abetted by the large corporations who require a “battery chicken “ consumers. These two great pillars of our society the enormous state and the all-embracing corporations are aided and abetted by the chattering classes of the liberal elite who wish to maintain their position as the purveyors of social engineering. To these groups marriage is anathema  because marriage is what grown up people do. They certainly do not want grown up people because ultimately they are so much more difficult to control. Marriage also symbolizes both old secular values with a deep connection to our Christian tradition and belief. Our present social engineers wish to remove all traces of religious belief and old traditional values. They are desperate to do this because if they fail to do so their tin pot Utopia will never come to pass. This Utopia means a society without family life as we know it , but one constructed for the benefit of large corporations and the state .

The concept of Marriage encompasses all that is good in human society that is why it is one of the Sacraments in our Christian faith

Marriage means an unselfish devotion to another person. Marriage means love not the sort of love that is heard in a million pop songs but the totally unselfish love of a mother looking after a sick child or a husband supporting his wife through the daily stresses and strains of bringing up a family. Marriage is for life not something likely discarded like most things in our consumer chuck away society. Marriage means the autonomy of establishing a family with it’s own values that may not coincide with the selfish self-centered desires of our consumer society. Marriage means loving and understanding both the strengths and vulnerability of our spouse. Marriage means two people developing each others each through their joint skills and life experiences Marriage is ultimately a spiritual journey for two people who have declared publicly their love for each other by taking the vows that constitute marriage before God

That is why all of us here must try our best to support the wonderful institution of marriage. If we live in a society that ultimately wants to destroy marriage we must fight against it not only for our preservation but that of generations to come. Any tampering with marriage and family life by the social engineers who call themselves  “progressives” must fought against otherwise our society will descend into a new barbarism . Marriage and family life is the only cement to bind society together , when everything is forcing fragmentation of that society.



  1. Britain is a nation heading for destruction. With the general contempt for the sanctity of life, the attack on marriage and the support by the media for
    every form of perverted depravity, our society will implode into chaos.
    Those who defy God's laws are ultimately destroyed. Both history and the bible will confirm this. Already there is very little left of civilisation here apart from gallant individual acts of compassion. These are made by people who soldier on in adversity making life tolerable for the victims of our so called liberal society. These victims multiply each year from the epidemic of broken families, the abused children and the lost generation of ill educated young people. Nearly all of this caused by the doctrines of the left.

    1. Yes it seems we are heading for absolute chaos, but we can keep the flame of the gospel of life burning in our hearts and the good news of Christ’s ultimate victory for our consultation.