Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Spiritual Combat

(on colluding with Satanic forces unawares)
          There is an awareness among Christian folk that over a period of time the balance on earth between good and evil has shifted. Those who spend their time in literary pursuits notice the progressive change in nature within the tone and content of what circulated in past generations when compared with that which roams the page today. Those who navigate the waves of the air and who are experts in cinematographic techniques will not be ignorant of the gradual and total change that has taken place. Those who study the language of Beauty are aware of the way in which the perception of the same has over a period of time, in recent history, been radically altered. Those engaged in the study of the media of communication will not be ignorant of the profound way in which the acceptable and the correct have changed not only in nature but also in affirmation of control.
          Is this, we ask, progressive and gradual evolution within patterns of life or is there more going on before our eyes than our eyes alone perceive? To answer this question, we do well to take note of one or two observations made by souls engaged in the ministry of hand to hand combat with the enemy of mankind in the realm of exorcism. There is converging evidence that what we are witnessing in our day is not attributable to mere human or demographic factors. There is, it would seem, an unleashing of infernal activity and interference, in every sector of life on our planet, that can be said to be of cosmic dimensions.
          Exorcists have become aware that souls at large no longer have an immune system. The result is that there is an infestation of every level of society through the easy access that Satanic forces have to souls everywhere on earth. How has this situation come about?
          In the first instance, there is the power of angelic Intellect, unchanged even after the original fall, possessed by the once all-bright Lucifer, now an angel of essential Envy and Hatred, bent on revenge. Like Hitler, Satan is reduced to going down, but in that case of bringing down all with him, since he cannot win. But win he will, in negative. Such is his mind-set. Hence it is that he is using an intelligence far superior to that of Man to draw more souls into the kingdom of fallen angels. And some fallen souls actually end up precisely in that form – human demons, appearing in exorcisms where they are obliged to disclose their names. Thus it is that we have come to know of the demonic activity in recent years of human demons, Cain, Judas, Nero and Hitler, as well as that of many obscure colluders with the powers of that Hell that sucked them to its bowels. (In this context I would invite you to read the
Letter from Hell which I translated and which can be downloaded from the Miscellaneous section of the Media page of my website – preferably just before going to bed... The reason is that the soul in question has likewise appeared in recent exorcism as a human demon.)
          In the second instance, there is the profound, essential Hatred that emanates from the bowels of that same Hell towards all that regards or touches the means of keeping humans from its depths. This has been witnessed in successive generations. The withdrawal of sacramental Grace from the British Isles in the 1500's is not just the product of political intrigue. But what we are witnessing in our day is of a different order of magnitude and subtlety. It has been picked up in recent exorcism that much of what we are currently witnessing within the life of the Sacrament of Salvation of the Human Race, the one true Church founded by its Saviour, is the product of a hugely and perfectly orchestrated plan from below. Being angelic Intelligence, Satan knows better than any Jesuit where to strike so as to have the greatest possible effect. Hence it is that he too aims at those who have influence. It has been noticed in exorcism that Satanic presences have been obliged to admit that the greatest friends of the same at this period are – yes – priests. Does that explain to some extent the success that certain types of clergy seem to have in diffusing their influence and message? Is it just a question of style that the priest that has air-time has to be of a certain correctness?  Is it just coincidence that certain ways of thinking and preaching are matter for ostracism?
          In one exorcism, the demon being interrogated had to give his name. It was Beelzebul. Asked why there, he gave to understand that it was by order of his supreme commander. Pushed further, he was obliged to explain that there was a perfect order in the demonic ranks. We have therefore in exact reverse what we have in the angelic choirs. Now do we so how it is in the interest of that infernal realm to cloud the radar of our own systems with vagueness of incredulity? It has been picked up that the infernal battalions, and hence their human minions, are infinitely better organized than their laid back adversaries. Hence it is that the latter are generally found off their guard.
          In a strange Near Death Experience given to a young Korean artist, the exact way in which the specific torments of Hell corresponded to specific sins was clearly shown. This privileged soul was shown such detail in order that she might use her skill to put on canvas each scene, comprehensible to any chance viewer from any country or culture. Her pictorial testimony may be seen on You Tube ("
A young Korean artist is shown Hell"). It is not without interest to note that she was shown that from the screen of a television transmitting certain things demons actually came into the soul. She was also shown other ways in which demons enter. You would be surprised to hear some. Indeed the very closeness of demonic activity to our daily existence would surprise.
          A soul no longer in a state of grace is easy prey for such demonic interaction. But even a pious soul may be more at risk than might be thought. At present the very fact of being exposed to live radio or television is a potential collusion with the infernal enemies of the soul. The senses are the portholes of the soul, and it is through them that demonic activity begins. Unprotected soul-pores are the points where Satanic impulses enter.
          Internet, a precious tool, is also a very precious tool in the hands of Satan. Is it just coincidence that the most visited sites, according to the experts, are the pornographic corridors of the cybersphere? And is it just by chance that every time one opens the computer one's attention is very quickly solicited by the modern equivalent of a very well trained harlot?
          Where do we go from here? To one place, I would suggest. Awareness. To live there is to live armed. And the soul unarmed is quickly shot down. Armour is made of a shielding not penetrable by the sharp and piercing bullets of Hell. Pixels can be coated in demons, ready to explode once safely lodged in the dormant soul. Electromagnetic waves can be emitted from headquarters in the Nethersphere. Friends in grave sin can be conditioners of lazy souls, who do not realize that to be close to fumes is to breathe them in. Colours on a wall can be the painters of the backdrop of the undying memory and as such follow us into the jaws of that same Hell that inspired them. Once seen, seen for evermore, and the Demon knows it – always has known it – well.
          The battle is on, dear friends, the battle is on. And we have time for just a little venial sin, only a little one, only a little passing touch with the clutch that is not in a hurry to let go.
It once hit me that the sound over a grave is like that of a big big pendulum. Pausing at the graveside and opening the lid, what do we hear? Just a long empty silence, interspersed with the ticking of this old old old pendulum:
          "Tick...tock...tick...tock...tick...tock...for ever...for ever...for ever...for ever...never...never...never...never...ever and ever...ever and ever...and ever...and ever...."
          One modern Irish poet sitting in a grave yard put it thus:
          A story with a middle only."

          For my part, hearing the old old pendulum, I put it thus:



There is a place beyond geography
Where pain is heard no more, where pain is all
That can be heard for evermore to be
The echo of the last unvoicèd call
No larynx made, where fade the very sounds
That matter for a while, for matter there
Is none, and where these lie 'yond Sleep's sweet bounds
There is a rest that is best taken ne'er.
O little field of stones, each silently
Awake upon strange rest, a story vast
Hangs on your chiselled words, and quietly
A pendulum rocks onwards at the last:
Amen. For aye. Amen. So shall it be.
Amen. For aye. Amen. It shall not be.

By the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St John Roberts

Fr David Jones

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  1. One point missed here is that Hell is the separation from God , that is the greatest misfortune a human soul can suffer.


  2. Great post, yes the battle is on, the pendulum is ticking and we can all hear it even when we try not to listen.

  3. The level of anti-Catholic bigotry and sheer nastiness in the mainstream media is beginning to reach fever pitch. The below article was not from the Huff Post or even a comment on the equally nasty BBC blog. But an article from the Daily Mirror – not that the Mirror is a paragon of sense and literary accomplishment but it is read by millions of ordinary people. They must think that this is the type of thing ordinary British people want to read?

    We need to pray for these people for Satan can only have inspired such awful anti-Catholic nastiness in the mainstream media. We need to return this with Spiritual Combat that the Guardian Angel of the writer will bring its charge back to the Church.

    'Pope’s Rope Trick'
    from the Daily Mirror 14-02-2013

    I can’t say I shared my fellow Catholic Louise Mensch’s shock and disappointment at the pop0e’s resignation.
    Perhaps Benedict XVI didn’t think he was getting enough wealth and kudos from his public service post, Louise, so is off to take a media mogul’s shilling from afar. You know the score, love.
    Besides, by pulling out early, the Pope was surely practising the sex education mantra he’s preaching all his life.
    Unlike Pope John Paul II who attacked the invasion of Iraq and ironically blessed Ian Paisley as he screamed “anti-Christ” at him, I never really warmed to Benedict, And not because he was once in the Hitler Youth (yes, I know, he vaz only obeying Papal Orders).
    He just reminded me of the narky old git who used to take pleasure in slashing your football when it went over his wall.
    Anyway, I do hope that the next Pope is black (a black lesbian preferably). Because the thought of having a black President of America, a black woman as the world’s most powerful TV celebrity (Oprah Winfrey), a black man as the greatest living saint (Nelson Mandela) and a black Pope, all at the same time, would spark mass suicides by Ku Klux Klansmen and their white supremacist brethren.
    Hopefully by self-lynching.

    Below this article The Daily Mirror are asking 'What do you think?' And gave this email features@mirror.co.uk

    The cutting was sent to us by husband and wife members of CUT and the Prayer Crusade both under the patronage of St Polycarp.

  4. Actually it is an article that shows the arrested development so apparent in modern journalism/ I find it actually childish like schoolboys thinking they are big swearing. It is very silly article and the person who wrote it should be told to grow up . Unfortunately much of his readership have a reading and intellect of 12 year olds.
    What is actually bad about this article is it insulting to Mirror readers can't the Mirror find better a journalist than this retard they are plenty without jobs .
    When you think the Mirror once employed some of Britain's best journalists they are now really scrapping the barrel with morons like this who are not even funny. Nowadays I suppose journalism is a dying art form and this detritus will continue until papers like the Mirror inevitably close down.


    1. Agreed Rigby, I can’t see the Mirror surviving in the modern news world or even the online world unless they either try and regain some credibility amongst the working class Catholics who used to make up a major part of their readership or go the whole hog [sic] and try and carve out a vitriolic niche below that of the BBC and Huff Post. However, the nasty side of the blogosphere is already overcrowded, so I guess its curtains for the Mirror.

    2. It is a bit sad once upon a time the Mirror was somewhat of a crusading newspaper which represented thoughtful working class . As well as Catholics it also appealed to a large Nonconformist readership who supported the Labour party , when that party had some integrity.
      Now the Mirror has succumbed to following the lowest common denominator like other tabloids.
      Unfortunately all our newspapers have gone down to a pretty low standard and are hardly worth buying that is why they are in crisis. People sense a lack of integrity even in this age . RIGBY

  5. Good post Fr Jones! I have looked at your You Tube videos, this is just what we need today warriors for Christ.

  6. Re Keith O Brien's resignation: something rather fishy about how four men coincidentally decide to make allegations just at the time when it can cause maximum damage to the Church (while the gay marriage, child abuse and papal resignation are in full flow). They obviously have put their heads together and plotted this, and the question of why they did not report it to the police or indeed to the Church at the time when it happened is very interesting to ponder. There is no doubt that these men have colluded and timed these allegations, and even if they were true they would not hold any water due to these facts. I am sure that a little background research will reveal some uncanny links to 'liberal catholicism.' Will the general public care though as the mass media enjoys its very own 'Dreyfus affair'.