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Pro-abortion media and the enemies of Christendom


The Media and anti-life vote in Kansas USA


The enemies of Christendom - destroyers of life
Photo from BBC article2

The Western Secular media have a set of values that are diametrically opposed to traditional Christian teachings. And yet it was Christian teachings that built Western Civilisation (Christendom), a civilisation that has created most of the benefits that the world enjoys today. We are not saying that this makes Westerners a superior people, far from it; it was simply that our predecessors by focusing on Christ were able to create laws and a culture that created a climate for advancement. For Jesus said "Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these other things will be given you." Take a look at the advances that came out of Christendom: advances in agriculture, architecture, art, music, science, engineering from which came the car, the aeroplane, electricity, and even, yes, TV and the radio. EWTN docudrama "Christendom"1 explains this in more detail; the post production of Christendom was partly funded by members of CUT. 

 I always say that CUT is so very important, far more than it’s given credit for, especially as Western Culture is being led by the nose by the media into decadence and decay. We only have to look at the abortion question which was the main issue for the ballot at the recent Kansas mid-term primary vote where there was a 58 - 41 vote in favour of keeping abortion legal. The celebrations caught on video were akin to victory in WWII, with young women crying with joy! All brainwashed, all sexually active; most probably have had an abortion. The BBC were really gloating about it. These poor girls; can't they see they are part of the destruction of what's left of Western culture?

1 - To see the Christendom documentary click on below link:

BBC article link:

Kansas abortion vote: Major victory for pro-choice groups - BBC News

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