Thursday, 13 January 2022

unvaccinated are not the problem

 The Perfect Covid Storm

Covid 19 or the China virus as some call it has been among us now for nearly two years with no sign of it ending. In fact it may have started in China around the time of the Pachamama shame episode at the Vatican - Pope Francis take note and perhaps a procession of reparation around the Vatican is needed to ask God's forgiveness.

 If vaccines are working, then why are they not working?

And yet we were led to believe that vaccination would end this pandemic. However, now it's the vaccinated who are catching and spreading the disease and since August 91% of Covid-19 deaths have been among the fully vaccinated, reports the Expose website. Yes, there are a disproportionate number of the un-vaccinated in hospital but not the majority, for they are the vaccinated.

 Experts call these breakthrough infections with those who are vaccinated actually getting Covid - why? Are we in fact causing a perfect Covid Storm and the vaccine is causing a spike in Coronavirus protein leading to mutations of the virus and death: we ask the question, is this because of vaccinations? Again, it's the left/liberal Main Stream Media (MSM) that is not only causing panic they are ignoring the dangers of the vaccine that can cause blood clots and heart problems. They ignore the fact that amongst professional footballers two major stars have had their career ended by heart problems that happened after taking the jab, of course the MSM and medical world are disparaging this fact and yet heart problems and deaths are much higher in younger athletic men than before the vaccine. In fact there is a spike in deaths in young men that cannot be explained.

 Those pushing the vaccine with an almost totalitarian zeal are beginning to use the rhetoric of the 1930s against the unvaccinated. Tony Blair, (he who took us to war under false pretences in the Middle East and stirred up an Islamist hornets' nest in the process) call the unvaccinated "irresponsible idiots". The arch-heretic-"bishop" of Canterbury (who has let paedophiles run riot in his cathedral) said it is "immoral" not to have the jab and that Jesus would have had it - to that I say you are talking rubbish, your reverend! Lawyers for the sex abused victim say "Archbishop" Welby must face disciplinary action.

 Being vaccinated does not turn you into supermen.

Yet it is the unvaccinated who still get the blame, the unvaccinated being victimised by society. Are they really in fact the innocent victims of the Covid- spreading vaccinated? Just because you are vaccinated you can now join the huge crowds at football matches, raves and night clubs - where ahhh ... they spread Covid among the other vaccinated. And according to the idiot PM of New Zealand take part in orgies. You may think that my associating the jab pushers with Nazis is a bit OTT; take a look at Australia who are actually building concentration camps and putting the unvaccinated in them - have we learnt nothing?

 The Vatican under this arch heretic pope Pachapapa Francis (I am so ecumenical), are sacking people who do not have the vaccine, such a Christian thing to do. Perhaps those poor people who have lost their jobs should be grateful that they will not have to mingle with the vaccinated, you never know who the real spreaders are. At the moment the full force of the authorities and the media point the finger only at the unvaccinated.

 Why are the most vaccinated countries having the most cases of Covid?

Countries with high vaccinated proportions of their populations are proud of their efforts and are looking to push it to other lower vaccinated counties. However, people with one two or three jabs are getting Covid and passing the virus on. Israel is now on its fourth jab, and called by Yahoo news the "Ultra-Vaxxed" have major Covid crisis on their hands. Why are the countries with lower vaccine rates getting lower Covid rates?

 Is catching omicron less dangerous than having the vaccine?

Although the Delta variant is still around the most common is now the Omicron, which spreads quicker but is less dangerous. Therefore, is it better to get Omicron than to have the vaccine? The inventor, yes INVENTOR! of the mRNA "Vaccine" Dr Robert Malone has gone on record as saying young children should NOT be given this treatment as it is not actually a vaccine at all but gene therapy. However, the good doctor has been flung off twitter and the media in general will not report on him.

 I'm not against vaccines

I'm not against vaccines so no one can label me an anti-vaxxer but I will never have a jab that has been tainted by an abortion either in its testing phase or actually having been made using foetal cells. Therefore, none of the current vaccines are ethical for a Catholic to take, forget the vaxx fanatics who say it's an act of love to do so - rubbish! It's the vaccinated who are passing on the virus so that argument falls flat on its face.

 Yes, it's the irresponsible actions of the vaccinated that are spreading Covid and the unvaccinated are the victims in more ways than one.

By Prayer Crusader St Philomena


  1. Prayer Crusader St Michael the Archangel:

    Uk used 'propagandistic' tactics to scare public to follow Covid rules.

  2. Dr Hillary Jones on the Lorrain Kelly show on ITV has said the 90% of people in hospital with covid are unvaccinated. This led to over 4,000 complaints to ITV and offcom issuing a warning to Kelly. We had two years now of this telly doctor creating hysteria with his BS and earning a fortune in the process, why do these fraudulent idiot s get on TV in the first place?

  3. The axis of evil North Korea, Iran, Austria, Australia Canada, Germany ... ?