Sunday, 12 May 2019

On correcting a heretical pope

Pope Francis accused of heresy

Pope Luther

Why have there been so many attempts to correct Pope Francis and why have they come from the most faithful and orthodox side of the Church? The side that has suffered and fought to protect and stand up for the Church's teachings, in the workplace and among friend and family and has been attacked and ridiculed because of this. To say that the second sentence answers the first is only half the reason. The most important reason that faithful Catholics try and stand up to the Pope and the hierarchy is that in many instances, the new and novel teachings contradict not only the last 2000 years of teaching of the Church but Jesus and His apostles as well.

Therefore it is those who care enough for the faith to stand up to the main stream media, governments of the world, who now try and correct the pope and the hierarchy. Those in power in the Church will not engage with faithful Catholics and explain their actions. For they know the main stream media is on the side of this pope because his new and novel teachings are in line with modern secular fashions and trends.

The latest attempt is by respected theologians and academics  click here.

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