Saturday, 12 January 2019

The brainwashed and the ignorant

Children of the Revolution

The brainwashing of children 

            I am afraid this will be a somewhat indelicate post as it has to deal very largely with matters indecent; it is, unfortunately, impossible to comment on the media for very long without treating of such things.

            Readers will have been aware of the mass murder event in Toronto earlier in the 2018 in which a young Canadian citizen of Armenian extraction killed ten people and injured sixteen after leaving a Facebook message in praise of a Eurasian-American killer who took six lives and injured fourteen people last year.  The mainstream media reported both killing sprees at great length and in detail with all the coverage focusing on the killers' extensive use of social media platforms catering for so-called 'incels' – the sexually unsuccessful in a world where success is defined by promiscuous quantity rather than faithful marital quality.  The regular media – TV and radio broadcasters and ordinary newspapers – have referred to the incels as a subculture with its own habits, practices and slang, indicating that they wanted them to be regarded as something far out of the ordinary.  The truth, however, is that, while the incels' slang is indeed limited to small numbers using a very small number of websites, their values and beliefs are precisely those of the brainwashed majority.  They think nothing about body image, the objectification of the body beautiful, effective white supremacy in terms of physical perfection, relations between the sexes, or the supreme value of an active sex life that is not broadcast on television and radio and published in newspapers and magazines every single day.  They are not a minority, they are the natural (or, rather, unnatural) product of our media culture, the children of the sexual revolution; for the established media to depict them as weirdos driven crazy by the internet is nothing more than a straightforward attempt to shuffle off responsibility whilst taking a cheapshot at the new media.

            Of course it takes a strange mind to turn into a spree killer, and computer games do centre on mass murder themes, so new media are not innocent, and the television will not breed hordes of bloodthirsty youths.  Only just look at what it has bred.  If these were the only two mass-murderers driven to it by media-fuelled sexual frustration, they were far from being the only incel criminals.  British schools see 65,000 sexual assaults by pupils every single year, and our universities – and those of every developed country with a modern media culture – are faced with an epidemic of campus rape and sexual assaults; almost all of this is caused by sexualised mass media leading young men and boys to believe they should have plentiful and promiscuous sex and have a right to have it whether by force, fraud or flattery, and young women and girls to believe they ought to be gratifying their own and others' sexual 'needs' on a regular basis.  The mainstream media are keen to blame on-line pornography, but the taste for 'hardcore' or extreme internet porn is piqued by a daily diet of 'soft' porn on television, in magazines and in newspapers, much of which consists of a pornification of the ostensibly non-pornographic e.g. soap operas, who-dunnits and the presentation of news stories.  The objectification and sexualisation of the female form on every possible occasion is the result of a deep seated culture partially revealed by the #MeToo and #Time'sUp campaigns.  Political correctness demands equality, so that is balanced not by removing the questionable images of women, but by objectification of the muscular male form.  This satisfies the morally bankrupt equalities lobby who merely call for a similar number of male, female, black and white bodies on show.  When they are reminded, they will add in calls for the disabled, transgendered or less common racial minorities, or demand that viewers see as much gay sex as straight.  A Guardian columnist called some time ago for male genitalia to be seen on screen in casual rather than explicitly sexual contexts.

            There is a way back from this, and that is to recognise that going backwards is the only way forwards.  We need to stand against the revolution and reject pornography, promiscuity and perversion in favour of decency, virtue and truth.  Rather than objectifying anybody, all people should be recognised as individuals, ends in themselves, each created after the image of God and endowed with an individual dignity reflecting that. There might well be, as some suggest, such a thing as 'feminist pornography', but there is no such thing as a pornography that respects the humanity of those involved; all porn is, by definition, the reduction of the individual to an image in two physical dimensions and only one narrative theme overt or implicit. All such dehumanisation encourages the viewer, listener or reader to view others as things to be manipulated at will. That provides a rationale for everyday acts of violence, such as those committed by these 'incel' killers and by school shooters legitimise themselves in the minds of their perpetrators by the spectacles they create – they are staged to be seen, to create images like those seen on screen.  The killers direct the action, they produce the drama in which they themselves star as the manipulation of reality that they have come to regard as normal due to their use of mass media porn takes a megalomaniacal turn and the ability to make the decision between life and death becomes for them a right to make that decision.  For the media user, only he or she is real, everything else is merely image or entertainment, just something to play with and quite meaningless.  There is a spectrum running from groping and mugging people to mass shooting, driving into crowds and acts of terrorism, but all these actions, these sins, stem from an objectification of others that the mass media have encouraged and brought by degrees to depths of depravity unseen before the dawn of the televisual age. That is why CUT says Unplug your Televisions; the licence fee fuels not only the sexual assault crisis, but the wider culture of violence in which we all live. Put pressure on the media to come round to the Counter-Revolution, and boycott all media outlets that do not.

By Prayer Crusader St Philip Howard.

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  1. Do you think that paying the TV licence fee is fuelling the sexual assault crisis among school children?