Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Rainbow flag rules

LGBT totalitarianism

With rainbow adorned livery a Merseyside police car is parked outside Liverpool football club, Liverpool manager wears rainbow coloured laces in his boots, young mascots carry rainbow flags onto the pitch at Bournemouth; their parents and club must be unaware that these poor children could be victims of predatory homosexuals or could even be fooled into believing that they need a sex change very soon. We are now facing a form of totalitarianism not far removed from models of the past where you dare not speak for fear you are shut up or forfeit your livelihood.

Poor children forced to carry the Satanic rainbow flag
They didn't stand a chance!
Under the guise of anti-hate anti-(so called) homophobia, Stonewall have successfully infiltrated football and most sports; their perversion is now fully accepted everywhere. Dare anyone speak out against this perversion anymore? We are now fast approaching the situation where if you dare speak the truth about the LGBT crowd and these perversions you could be in trouble with the law. I use perversion out of love for the sinner and not out of hate; hate the sin, yes, but not the sinner. Therefore we use the word perversion as simply telling it as it is; we must not be cowed into submission, or go with the flow. We must suffer as a sacrifice for sinners, as Our Lady of Fatima asks us. When we are challenged and called haters or worse still "homophobic", we must offer as a sacrifice any abuse we get thrown our way by the LGBT "community" and by those brainwashed by the media. Remember, the real homophobes are those in the media who in their hearts know that all this LGBT promotion is wrong and yet go along with it.

Chelsea's Men Team's captain and their lady's team captain.
Are they about to change places?
Remember what Our Lady of Fatima said to Jacinta: "More souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason”. And Sr Lucia said to Cardinal Caffara that "the last battle between Satan and Our Lord will be over the family." Perhaps this battle for the family has already begun and includes the Church herself.

Here is a link to an interesting with Dr Silvana de Mari WHAT IS NATURAL http://www.oclarim.com.mo/en/2017/08/18/what-is-natural-exclusive-interview-with-dr-silvana-de-mari/


  1. According to information I read from "across the pond", there is at least one case in the USA of a person born male who has (in his teens) undergone a full transition and now passes as a woman - and is allowed to compete in running races against people who were born and have remained female. He wins the races, of course, with the benefit of masculine bone structure and musculature, developed under the influence of masculine testosterone levels. Fair?

    Saint Teresa of Ávila

    1. Yes and what happens when one of these footballers has a so called gender change, does he then play for the ladies team instead? What evil nonsense Stonewall are getting away with!

  2. The "Very Rev" Kelvin Holdsworth has written in his blog that he Prays that Prince George turns out Gay and that he will be married to another man one day. Crazy! Holdsworth is provost of St Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow, a Scottish Episcopal Church, the Church of England’s sister institution.

    1. Holdsworth is using the upcoming marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (a divorcee) to push his LGBT agenda. As both same-sex marriage and divorcees getting married in church are frowned on by the same Anglican church law (Canon B30) not that anyone bothers to abide by it! Holdsworth's point is why not same-sex marriage in church which is allowed in the Scottish Episcopal Church - although against the law.