Monday, 5 June 2017

BBC terrorists

The Bloody BBC

Three major Islamic terrorist attacks in three months and after each one the BBC interview "nice" Muslims who sound so reasonable in a deliberate attempt to deflect criticism from the diabolic religion. By doing this and the corporation's long history of denigrating Christianity and holding up Islam as a peaceful religion, have the BBC misled us so much that they now have blood on their hands?

They had done the country a great disservice in stating in their documentaries and commentaries on the Crusades for instance that they were unjustified wars against peaceful Muslims when the opposite was the case. This has given Muslim "extremists" in their small narrow minds a sort of "justification" for all this violence. The Crusaders of course should be held up as the true heroes they are.

Their interviewing of Imams and even the Muslim Mayor of London are a disgrace; the mayor is quoted as saying that London is the safest city in the world! However every city that has a Muslim mayor anywhere in the word is in chaos, and violence. There is a simple rule of thumb: the more Muslims in the community, town or city the more violence, whether it's towards Christians or other religious groups,  or even Muslims if they are from the "wrong" sect.

Another reason for Muslim violence is the decadence of the West, the complacent attitudes towards the LGBT "community". For us as Christians it is our duty to save their souls and to state  that they the will bring upon themselves the due penalty for their perversity (see Romans 1:27), but we would never go around killing them, absolutely not! It's only by peaceful conversion that we hope to cure these poor deluded people of their affliction. But again here the BBC and most of the Main Stream Media (MSM) have blood on their hands for they actually encourage these disordered people. And just like Islamic terrorists they use suicide as their major weapon, or rather they use the threat of suicide, for that if they don't get equal rights in every way to the sexually normal majority they will kill themselves!

Poor Ireland lived and survived being so close to England for so long, they kept the faith through many a repressive British regime, but have now capitulated completely to the secular terrorists of the MSM led by the BBC. Voting en-mass to legalise so called Gay-marriage and now brainwashed as they are by the media they have just elected a new prime minister who is not only homosexual, he is married ... er to another man. Sunday ... Bloody ... Sunday?  BBC ... Bloody ... BBC.

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