Thursday 23 March 2017

BBC's Islamophilia

The BBC's infiltration of Islam?

There is a field of thought at the BBC that goes along the lines that if they accommodate Muslims, Muslims will convert to their secular inclusive version of religion, and that BBC Islam will be more tolerant. They have successfully subverted British Christianity after all.  So the BBC has appointed its second Muslim head of religious programming in a row. Yet it would seem that Islam and the BBC are completely incompatible. The "Core Values" of the BBC are for example pro-abortion (or choice as they would rather call it! No they're pro-abortion there is no other way of putting it). Muslims are not pro-abortion. The BBC have successfully pushed the homosexual agenda to its limits, to parity with heterosexuality and beyond; - gender change even for kids; and militant feminism is a must at the corporation, while women are very much second class citizens in many Muslim countries. And the number of paedophiles that hang out at the Beeb is legendary; Savile was just the tip of the sickening perverse iceberg of depravity at the Corporation. Perhaps, this last part of the Beeb's vice is more acceptable to Muslims, and it is not so unusual to find it in Rotherham's (and other northern British towns') Muslims' taxi driving fraternity.

Another aspect of the BBC's Islamophilia is seen in the alarming reports that after Songs of Praise has been hived off to private producers it will now include Muslim as well as Christian songs of praise. Channel Four has broadcast the call to Muslim prayer during Ramadan, and now reports are that the BBC will regularly broadcast Muslim Friday prayers. The last head of the BBC's religious broadcasting, Aaqil Ahmed, called BBC religious output too Christian and wanted more diversity, namely Muslim of course. Too Christian! Nine out of ten "Christian" BBC viewers couldn't tell the difference between the Easter Bunny and the Gospel, - having been brainwashed and confused by the Beeb.

There are also strange reports that many feminists support Islam, such as the feminists for Mohammed or whatever. The absolutely stupid Huffington Post even claims in some of its articles that Mohammad was a Feminist! But why are feminists, gender benders, abortionists, and perverts of all descriptions, supporting and trying to converge with Islam? Muslims of course execute the aforesaid depraved types, sometimes by chopping off their heads; sometimes, as in the case of homosexuals, by throwing them off high buildings. It's quite simple: they are all inspired by Satan, whose aim is and will be to the end of time to attack Christians, subvert the Church and especially Christianity in its purest form, Catholicism. So here's a petition we can get behind from Citizen Go. Please consider signing it before Britain becomes a Muslim country.

citizenGo petition on Muslim Head of BBC Religion

Remember that although we use quite strong language and tone to some of our articles, it's simply out of Christian charity, as a warning that if mankind does not amend its ways we are in for an even worse War than WWII; with regard to which, Jacinta Marto, the youngest of the Fatima seers,  said that most of the fighters in this second worse war went to hell.

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