Thursday, 24 March 2016

Have a peaceful Easter Nicky Campbell

A Happy Peaceful and Prayerful Easter To all members of CUT the Prayer Crusade and people of good will

First some very good news for this Easter for everyone who has switched off the TV and no longer pays the licence fee. More and more people are throwing out the TV and they are not even bothering to catch up on-line. See Telegraph no TV report

I guess they, like the rest of us are sick and tired of the bigotry, the bias the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual/gender ideology everything nonsense which  the Corporation spews out on a daily basis.
The BBC licence fee of course also pays for BBC Radio and the more I listen to it the more  sickening it becomes. Today Radio 5s agenda of ultra-liberal bias was sadly evident again.

Cornwall County Council bullied by BBC Radio and a pop Star

Über-"Liberal" and arch bully of

Radio 5 (in our opinion)
Nicky Campbell
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A noisy pop group has been ordered by Cornwall County Council to keep the noise down below 40 decibels when practicing in their father's garage. A neighbour had complained to the council and under an Environmental and Health act, and the group were asked to keep the noise down. Fair enough you may say?  Not when the BBC is involved. Anyone who has had the misfortune to suffer because of noisy selfish neighbours would applaud Cornwall County Council, but not the father of a member of the group who wrote to a pop star Dave Grohl of the Rock group The Foo Fighters. Whose lyrics encourage youngsters to play this loud music in their garages. Grohl wrote to Cornwall County Council on the group's behalf (no thought of course about the poor neighbour who's been driven to despair by the noise). The BBC got hold of the story and naturally took the side of the noisy group. 

This morning 24/03/2016 I heard the awful Nicky Campbell interview the band and their father on BBC Radio 5's breakfast show. There was no thought for those who suffer from this type of selfish and arrogant behaviour, just pressure on Cornwall to provide facilities for Rock groups to practice. The father of a group member said that they don't have anything to do on the Lizard peninsula - nothing to do! They live in one of the most beautiful parts of the Country, surrounded by wonderful countryside and sea.

So the band need a place to practice? Ok let the Foo Fighters fund a sound proof practice room, this should not be a case where Cornwall Council fund on the council tax places where noisy bands should play.

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