Sunday, 3 April 2016

Mother Angelica our tribute

Our Tribute to Mother Angelica
Mother Angelica RIP - Photo EWTN

Mother Angelica and her Miraculous TV station EWTN
There have been a number of miracles surrounding Mother Angelica during her life as a nun. Recently I met someone from EWTN and he related this true story to me
He told me that when Mother Angelica was just starting up EWTN she had some huge satellite dishes delivered but she had no money to pay for them. She asked the truck driver to unload the satellite dishes and she would send the money on as soon as she found it. Mother was of course profoundly confident that she would find the money. However, the truck driver said “look Mother I have strict orders that these need to be paid-for”, he wanted $50,000 before he would unload them or he would take them back.
Mother Angelica desperately wanted these dishes so that she could start to transmit her programmes. So she tried very hard to persuade the driver to leave them but with no luck. The truck driver still said no. She asked him wait for a little while she went into the chapel to pray. The truck driver said Ok (he probably thought that he could do with a break).
After praying for half an hour or so there was still no answer and no plan came into her head so she went out again to have another go at persuading the driver; Mother never gives up! She starting to talk to the driver again, – just then one of the sisters came running out saying that mother was wanted on the phone. Mother said she can’t come to the phone now, this is just too important.
So the sister ran back to the phone to ask the caller to call back, but the caller said he would hang on. The sister came out to Mother Angelica again saying the man is hanging on and he is ringing from a yacht in the Caribbean. So Mother pleads with the driver to wait for a few minutes hoping to come back and continue with her efforts to persuade him.
The man on the phone was a Catholic multi-millionaire who was impressed by some of Mother’s booklets or literature, and he wanted to make a donation to Mother’s work and that of the sisters. Mother Angelica said you don’t happen to have $50,000 do you? The Millionaire said yes when do you want it? Mother said you couldn’t transfer it now could you? You see I have these satellite dishes in a truck outside and the man won’t leave them until he’s paid. The millionaire said: Sure, I will get on to my bank right away.  Mother goes back out to the truck driver, tells him she has the money and where should she transfer it; the driver gives her the instructions. Mother Angelica gives them to the millionaire. The truck driver then gets onto his headquarters and finds that everything’s paid for.  He is stunned, and unloads the dishes.
This is a true story, just shows the power of prayer.
Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Philomena and Bl Dominic Barberi 


  1. Lovely story. There must be more like that.

    1. There are. Mother Teresa of Calcutta had similar things happen on more than one occasion.

      Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St. Teresa of Avila