Friday, 2 August 2013

The TV and the Powerful Media Pyramid

Two Pieces here, one on media influence of the Church and the other on the media’s distortion of the words Pope Francis on ‘Gays’.

The TV, the Powerful Media Pyramid,
and the Church

The effect of the TV on the Church
If the bishops are the successors of the twelve apostles, then perhaps you may find among them the occasional Judas? After all if one of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus could be led astray it must be even more difficult for their successors, particularly when the mass media is so powerful and continuously promotes lifestyles that are the opposite to that required of a Christian.
            It would be very surprising if members of the teaching authority of the Church sat in front of the television and watched many of the shows and programmes broadcast. Perhaps they should and see what the television is teaching people. There are many wise and holy members of the Magisterium, yet are they out of touch? I do not mean that they should get ‘in touch’ by changing the teaching of the Church to suit the TV. God forbid. However, it is the television, the most powerful form of the media that is controlling what many Catholics think and believe and not the teaching of the Church. It is not for us lay Catholics to tell the Magisterium what to teach us; perhaps we would like them to stand up to the media bullies and lead us safely to salvation. With salvation in mind, point out the sources of evil and impurity and urge their flock to avoid them. They would soon identify the television as a major occasion of sin. Sadly many in authority are either ignorant of the problem or too afraid of the power of the television to speak out. Yet all is not lost, for it is the experience of CUT that proportionately the number of clergy that have given up the TV far outnumbers that of the catholic laypeople.
The effect of the TV on the Laity
Is there a problem with the Magisterium today? For it is becoming a Magisterium of the lay Catholic and the media – a false Magisterium. Lay Catholics are influencing the Church, and members of the laity are being influenced by the modern media. Some members of congregations are heavily under the influence of that electronic drug, the TV. Occasionally members of the clergy are afraid to preach on the Catholic truths for fear that they may be collared after Mass by an irate media influenced truthophobe. Therefore, we may hear many wonderful sermons regarding love, peace, charity and justice, which of course are extremely important to a Christian. However, equally important is avoiding the occasions of sin and the possibility of eternal damnation. Our Lady herself showed the seers of Fatima the horrors of Hell and the multitudes of souls lost through impurity. The television on the other hand often shows us scenes of impurity or lifestyles and arguments that deny Christ; if we enjoy them or are influenced by them, they will lead us away from the teaching of the Church. This is just one of the many ways the mass media are the new teaching authority and not the Church.
            During Pope Benedict’s visit to Britain, The Independent newspaper had for a front cover a picture of the Pope’s back upon which was a long ‘laundry list’ of changes the paper had decided British Catholics want. What The Independent does not understand is that even if the list were true, it’s not up to lay Catholics to demand changes to the Church’s teachings. For Jesus is the source of divine revelation, and through sacred tradition and sacred scripture Christ teaches us about Himself and about eternal salvation. Therefore, let’s hope that soon the majority of the clergy will throw out the television and urge their flocks not to pay too much attention to the media, not only for Health and Safety reasons, but also for Health and Salvation.

On the Pope’s recent trip to World Youth Day:

Media nonsense on the Pope’s words on ‘Gays’

There has been much media interest on the Pope’s words on ‘Gays’ some have gone as far as to suggest the Pope has said that ‘Gay is OK’ But he has not said anything of the sort. We who study the media should understand the media will seize anything they can twist it and then serve it up as the truth. The pope was answering a question from a journalist and at the same time quoting the Catechism of the Catholic Church – the Pope has been condemned by Peter Tatchell for doing this. Here is what he actually said:

“If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge that person?  The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this point beautifully but says, wait a moment, how does it say, it says, these persons must never be marginalized and “they must be integrated into society.”

Remember a ‘Gay’ who seeks the Lord and has ‘good will’ is celibate and follows the Church’s teachings.


  1. A pope should never allow his words to be distorted in the first place we are in for a tough time with this pope.

  2. Most of the media and organisations purporting to help homosexuals are in fact doing exactly the opposite . Homosexual acts are both injurious to the mind and body and it is utterly irresponsible to encourage them. It is exactly the same as encouraging people to smoke heavily and go in for alcohol abuse.
    As Christians we should do all we can to help people who are homosexuals to lead healthier lives that is our Christian duty.


  3. Quite right - it is our Christian duty to help homosexuals lead healthier lives both spiritually and physically.