Tuesday, 12 March 2013

12th Prayer Crusade to start on the opening of the Conclave

You do not need me to ask you to pray for the next pope I know, but please pray that the next pope understands the media and just how powerful it is; and that he may be good and strong and able to stand up to the media and secular governments. Also that he may bring to task Catholic dissenters and Professional Media Catholics who make a living out of attacking the Church’s teachings especially on issues like abortion, contraception and homosexuality.

Members of CUT and the Crusade of Prayer regularly engage in spiritual combat to counter the effects of the media and the cult of celebrity. But anyone may join us in the 12th Prayer Crusade for the new Pope that he may fully understand the media and that through its decadence and dissipation it is ruining civilisation; a civilisation that has been built upon Christendom and truth.

The media of course are not interested in the truth they only want sensation perhaps they should follow these guidelines which have recently been published by Zenit.

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