Saturday, 14 December 2019

The new Magisterium

The Magisterium of the Media

A member of CUT sent me a cutting of a letter to the Catholic Herald with the title "Irish referendum was won by the media". Well of course it was, but I never thought Ireland would fall like this, in just a few short years the people of Ireland have turned their backs on the Magisterium of the Catholic Church (the teaching authority of the Church) and listened only to the media, with referendums legalising abortion and so called "Gay" marriage, and the Church's hierarchy were powerless and not only out gunned, but unable to respond because they were morally compromised by the sex-abuse crisis which was ironically a homosexual problem. The vast majority of priests are good loyal hardworking men who do their best to save their flock. However, the priesthood can be great place to hide for a homosexual, they don't really need to work that hard or have much faith as long as they sound all merciful, they are afforded respect from the local community and what is more they have access to boys! This has caused most of the problems for today's Church, and what is more they know they have the unspoken support of the media. This is why it was so difficult for Pope Benedict who often pointed to the truth about homosexuality and why Francis is loved by the media because he plays their game.
            If any bishop or priest tries to teach the truth on LGBT issues he will be browbeaten into submission by the LGBT lobby backed up by the media, worse still they will find that the majority of their flock will side with the LGBT activists and make the life of the priest or bishop a misery.

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