Friday, 29 July 2016

Islamic Terrorism

Some media groups want to cover up the fact of
Islamic Terrorism

Given the fact that the vast majority of today's terrorism is by Muslims it seems shocking that some media groups want to cover this fact up. The reason given is that most Muslims are peaceful and that publicising Muslim terrorism could cause hate crimes; also that it's necessary to deprive them of the oxygen of publicity.

Let's deal with each of these arguments:

First most Muslims are peaceful, OK this may be true but most terrorism is done in the name of Islam, they are Muslims and it is  happening all over the world. People do not murder in the name of Christianity. Islam is not a peaceful religion and it never has been. There is something fundamentally wrong at the heart of this religion that so many of its followers will kill in its name.

On hate crimes, we should never subject any Muslim person to abuse or any other form of hate crime. But the biggest hate crime is being perpetrated by Muslims when they kill innocent victims, ordinary men, women and children who just go about their daily business. Now with the French priest being killed it seems they are turning their hate on European Christians which has been their main focus through the centuries. Given that the genocide of Christians in the Islamic countries is almost complete, their anti-Christian hatred is undeniable.

On not giving them the oxygen of publicity. If terrorists attack people we need to know what's going on; anything less is a cover-up. Or if the media do not say it is Islamist, is this really hiding the fact of a flaw at the heart of Islam? And in any case if the BBC do not say who is behind a certain atrocity, social media will. We can't stop porn in all its hideous varieties on the internet, let alone news of Islamic violence. If the main stream media will not report who is behind a certain attack people will just go to the Islamic propaganda sites to find out what's going on: the worst of all scenarios.

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