Monday, 8 September 2014

A New Christendom

Is there a bleak outlook for Christianity in the West or will a new Christendom appear?

·        This post is in response to the comment left on the St Catherine of Siena post by our Prayer Crusader St Cecilia.

Prayer Crusader, St Cecilia’s comment was worthy of a post in its own right. The Crusader pointed out a number of desperately sad things that are happening to the West, an area that was once known as Christendom.

One is the almost unstoppable rise of Islam, and another is the infiltration of homosexuality into  almost every area of Western society – even in the Church. It is so desperately sad that the sacrilegious Masses still go on at Farm Street. It not only causes scandal, it is of course extremely injurious to the spiritual well being of all of those who take part. It is of course for the poor damaged souls of the homosexuals themselves we should be most concerned, for their sin is condemned in both the Old and New Testament. The teaching and traditions of the Church are very clear on this: homosexual actions are sinful – these teachings cannot be changed, there is no wriggle room!

The reason of course why homosexuality is so prevalent in today’s society is because homosexuals and their supporters have control of the media. Through sheer blatant militancy on one hand and placing themselves at the top of the hierarchy of victimhood on the other, they have infiltrated and control the media. They have created a new type of ‘ethos’ and have turned natural law and natural morality on its head. It is now impossible to speak out against the nonsense of the homosexual argument without being labelled in the same breath as the Nazis.

I believe it is a crime against humanity that the media led by the BBC have been so encouraging of these perverted and dangerous acts. I also believe that it is an act of charity to point out the danger of homosexual acts; this is a caring act. Of course the BBC will call us bigots or nutters or homophobics.

On Muslims and the TV, I am quite sure that the Muslims are not puritans when it comes to pornography and illicit sexual behaviour, just as secularists are not. After all look what has been happening in Rotherham and Rochdale with groups of Asian men grooming and molesting young girls – these girls became uncontrollable by their parents and would run after these men.  They have been let down by their parents first for not teaching them Christian values; they have been let down by the political leaders; they have been let down by Church leaders for not teaching clearly on Christian values and last but not least they have been let down by the media!

But the grooming was not only done by the Asian men. They are not to blame alone; with a TV in the front room of every house giving out false versions of sexual ethics these children have been spoiled, leaving them at the mercy of anyone who is devious enough to exploit them. The exploiting of young children is not only done by Asian men, as the BBC’s Jimmy Savile case has shown. Homosexuals, pop stars, celebrities, and anyone who wanted, could exploit the devastation left in the wake of the TV and the secular media.

If the parents of these children had enough Christian ethics left in them to understand what is right and good they would have turned off the TV at the first sex scene, and thrown the thing out at the first same sex kiss.  The devastation that has been wreaked on Christianity has left a moral vacuum that could be filled by whatever religion or philosophy that could get its act together the quickest – at the moment the secular militants are on top – but it won’t last, they will show themselves for what they are – Satanic.

A New Christendom

By the 1960’s Christendom was already dead as a geopolitical entity – but Christendom can be re-created in the hearts of every practicing Christian. I am optimistic that a new Christendom will emerge. Through prayer and action, like persuading Catholics to turn away from the secular media, and protect their children from the influence of the militant secularists, Our Lord and Our Lady will prevail.

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