Friday, 22 August 2014

The BBC and ISIS

Is the BBC radicalising British Muslims?

How the BBC do a ‘better’ job at radicalising young British Muslims than any radical preacher

Before you say, ‘he can’t blame the BBC for this, I would have thought the opposite would be the case’, let us first look at what is happening to ordinary orthodox Catholics because of the Media led BBC.
It is becoming increasingly difficult for Christians to work in the Main Stream Media (MSM). Or should I say, for Christians who follow the teachings of Sacred Scripture and the traditions of the Church to work there. Perhaps fewer are doing so of late, but we still exist. If Christians are prepared to pay lip service to - or indeed actively dissent from - Church teaching, they are welcomed, even championed, by the politically correct media establishment. On the other hand, if you say: No; abortion, sodomy, contraception, euthanasia etc. go against the teaching of the Church and you cannot accept them, you will be labelled a bigot or a nutcase. There is no longer any tolerance for traditional Christian moral teachings. You go along with the secular flow, or you shut up, or you will not be employed. And all forms of employment are following the MSM’s lead, e.g.  midwives, social workers, etc., even B & B owners find it impossible to earn a living unless they accept the new ‘norm’.
               The politically correct world of the MSM is not a world that tolerates either the masculine or the feminine. The female must become more masculine and the male must be more female or at the very least be neutered. Hence the consistent vilification of the Catholic Church by the media, in particular the fanatically Politically Correct BBC. We have after all a male hierarchy; we accept the male and the female as God created us. We have Our Lady and hundreds of female saints but these are not role models that are acceptable to the MSM. You won’t get the BBC making a documentary about St. Margaret Clitherow or Bl. Mother Teresa unless it is to attempt to undermine them.
               Consistently the BBC uses its sports radio channel Radio 5 Live, whose audience is overwhelmingly male, to push a feminist and homosexual agenda. This is where you will most often find the militant secular brainwashing used against anyone who still dares to stand up for the traditional understanding of male or female. The world of sport is the final frontier of the broadcast world - well almost. Even the BBC Songs of Praise are considering a ‘Gay’ Christian singer songwriter as a presenter. I heard a Radio 5 Live interviewer being very positive to this singer. Once sport and its predominantly male audience are conquered, Christianity will be the next target.

               If Catholics become so disenchanted with the Main Stream Media that they feel they need to take the radical step of throwing away the TV in order to maintain a sense of loyalty to their faith, then what about Muslims? Do they throw the TV out when explicit immorality, either of images or sentiment, is beamed directly into their front rooms? Or do they find another way?  After all, the Muslim faith is not attacked in the same way as the Catholic faith is. It could even be said that the MSM media portrays the Muslim faith in a positive way, depicting Islam as the victim of Christianity.  For example, documentaries and films are not made about the Muslim conquest of Christian lands, but the Christian response to the Muslim conquest, namely ‘The Crusades’ is acknowledged, and portrayed in a negative way. If, because of the media, even Christians believe that the Crusades were nothing more than a brutal and unprovoked attack against a sophisticated and tolerant Muslim world, then what are Muslims led to believe?
               So perhaps because of the BBC we should not be surprised that so many British Muslims are fighting for Islamic State (formerly ISIS).  A report recently said that there are about 500. Could it be that the immorality of the MSN on the one hand, and the persistent attacks of the BBC on orthodox Christianity (and in particular Catholicism) on the other, have combined to promote the radicalisation of young Western Muslims? It is a desperately sad fact that it was a British Muslim who executed the American photo journalist last week and recorded the execution using High Definition equipment; then used social media to terrorise western viewers with this horror porn of their own.

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  1. I have often wondered what British muslims think of the BBC. After all, muslims are against homosexual behaviour, against abortion, and against sex outside marriage, so you'd think they would have at least as much reason as orthodox Christians to unplug their television sets. Maybe they just watch the Muslim channels, as some Catholics watch only EWTN.

    As for the BBC's apparent partiality to the Muslim faith, I suspect it's just fear. Salman Rushdie had to go into hiding for years after publishing "The Satanic Verses" which supposedly insults Mohammed, as he immediately became the target of serious death threats. And this wasn't an isolated case, - there were the Danish cartoons, and a single sentence in Pope Benedict's Regensburg address, which was taken completely out of context and led to riots in various parts of the world and some Christian nuns being killed. But Christianity can safely be insulted without fear of anything more than genteel protests.

    Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Theresa of Avila