The Prayer Crusader and Spiritual Combat

Every Prayer Crusader is asked to pray these prayers daily if possible.

The Sevenfold Prayers

1          Our Father  when you awake and get up, for what better way to start the day than to say the prayer Jesus gave us himself? To praise God’s name, to pray for our work to forgive us our sins, guard us from temptation.

2          Prayer Crusader prayers Perhaps after breakfast say the Prayer Crusader prayers for the media, the TV, the cult of celebrity and all who may be badly affected by this, remembering the current Prayer Crusade.

3          Angelus At 12 O’clock , and prayers for the Pope’s intentions.

4          Divine Mercy At 3 o’clock or if you cannot fit them in a quick prayer to the Sacred Heart – Most Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on me.

5          Rosary perhaps during the evening or whenever you can.

6                Spiritual reading with prayers Also during the evening or when you have time say a few regular prayers, a Psalm, a chapter from Sacred Scripture, and a spiritual reading from the saints or a recognised Catholic writer like a Pope.

7          Hail Holy Queen Last thing before you go to bed say this prayer or another Marian prayer, or even Compline if you are able.

Adopt a Celebrity

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if several famous celebrities suddenly announced that they had become Christians and converted to the Catholic Church? If for example Madonna were to announce that she is going to make a regular donation to a pro-Life charity and join those who stand vigil outside abortion clinics, that she had become a devout and orthodox Catholic. Perhaps a famous footballer became outspoken about what’s happening to Christians around the world and went to the media to talk not about football but that he had become a devout Catholic and wanted to help Christians who are being persecuted. He might then tell the media how many priests and nuns and lay Catholics are being persecuted and even killed in some Muslim countries, or China and India. Footballers have an enormous following in those countries, and his fans buy his replica shirts. Perhaps then the BBC and other TV companies would report on these events. So we suggest that Prayer Crusaders adopt a celebrity and pray for their true conversion, think of the good they can do. In both the above cases this could have an effect on their career; how would Madonna for example be able to perform some of her songs, or would the footballer be targeted by extremists. This of course never stopped the Christians of the past: to whom much is given, from them much is required.
            Pray for your celebrity daily; you can pick someone you admire as an artist for example but you may be sad because they do not give a Christian example in other aspects of their lifestyle. Or there may be someone in the public eye that you particularly dislike, whose actions you deplore; adopt him and pray for him. Pray for his well being, for his family, for his happiness and success but most of all pray for his true conversion.

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  1. Keep Up the Good work. God Bless you all.

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