Sunday, 12 March 2023

A Trans-human future?

Will a Trans-human future be the result of the media's pro-LGBT brainwashing?

The Main Stream Media (MSM) just keeps getting worse. It has fully embraced the "Woke" agenda, and pushes it whenever it can. Therefore, it is fully supportive of abortion, homosexual activity including same-sex marriage and everything LGBT. The Black Lives matter agenda is fully supported by the MSM, whereas white males are described as toxic and are often shown as stupid and aggressive. Disney and many TV children's programmes run inappropriate adult themes, adverts have a predominance of ethnic minorities, way out of proportion to their actual numbers in society.

                In New South Wales, Australia, about one third of young people believe they are LGBT and in most Western countries the LGBT community is growing prodigiously among young people. There are now many poor victims of MSM brainwashing, confused young men and women who believe that they are not the sex they were born with! That they need body mutilating surgery and puberty blocking drugs; many after going through this surgery regret it when they get older and most cannot go back to being fully functioning men and women. This many believe will also lead to Trans-human beings that are neither male nor female. They are tuned to have orgasms but cannot themselves breed; they will need to be constructed out of human victims. They are also super clever as they are implanted with improved intelligence, and enhanced strength and durability. Some futurists believe they will eventually take over the world, leading to a hellish existence for real human beings; this is where all this media indoctrination in favour of everything LGBT is leading us; it is Satan's revenge on God's creation. It's not too late; we can make a difference by prayer, fasting, penance and by persuading people to give up the TV and avoid the MSM. 

By Prayer Crusader St Philomena

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